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About Abacus Gardens
Who We Are
A team with a love of exterior design and nearly 20 years of industry experience, Abacus Gardens is an award-winning company that is one of the leaders in garden landscaping projects in Africa.

We have a passion for beautiful gardens that enhance the architecture of the buildings they surround and add a new dimension to modern outdoor living. We're able to create man-made ecosystems that blend art and science for a landscape of lasting beauty and value. Our innovative formal and informal designs range from indigenous to Balinese, Tuscan, tropical, Provencal, Japanese, English, modern, and anything else you can dream of.

Whether you want to extend your living space from the inside of your home to the outdoors, create a pocket of nature in a corporate setting, have a small garden or a very large one, you are starting from scratch or want to revamp an existing area, Abacus offers the full range of services for your needs.

Creativity, up-to-date composition, innovation and personalised design are a priority for us. Our company employs over 200 full-time staff members who are dedicated to creating a dream garden that is stylish and tailor-made for your lifestyle while ensuring that the end result is competitively-priced and of the highest quality.

Over the years, Abacus Gardens has received numerous garden landscape design awards at the Johannesburg Homemakers Fair, Gardenex and the Decorex design show. In 2007 and 2008, we received The Star Readers Your Choice Award for Best Garden Landscape company. Most recently Abacus Gardens won all three top awards for design excellence at the Homemakers Fair 2008.


History and Background
The landscape and garden enterprise known as "Abacus Garden Enterprises" was established in 1990.

From a small business Abacus has grown into one of the largest garden landscape and maintenance companies in Africa.

True operators, who have grown up in the industry, manage the company. They are noted for successfully taking on and completing complex projects, as well as creating exceptional value for their businesses through organic growth and acquisition programs.

We became experts in building complete gardens involving ponds, irrigation systems, waterfalls, and developed expertise in tree moving as well as selling, managing and growing wholesale nursery products.

Abacus Garden Enterprise's horticultural operations have enjoyed a reputation for safe, quality work and have been consistent upper quartile financial performers in their respective sectors.


How We Work
Abacus Gardens has a passion for beautiful gardens, and is committed to giving you an exceptional experience. We do that by offering unique creativity, value for money, and ensuring our work meets the highest garden industry standards for quality.

We want you to love every minute of your experience with us,from the excitement during the initial garden landscape design process through to the satisfaction of seeing the actual final project installed.

Our structure and unique capabilities give us the flexibility to confidently handle challenging, multifaceted garden landscape projects of varying sizes and styles. Once you decide to let us create your ideal outdoor space, consultants at our design studios in Johannesburg will put together a team that will work on your garden. This means that from start to finish, you will have one team dedicated to your project.

Providing you with the very best service is vital to us, and that begins with our designs. In order for our experts at Abacus Gardens to offer you the latest in landscaping trends, continuous staff training and development is crucial. We regularly spend time brainstorming new ideas whilst taking part in local landscaping and home exhibitions like the Gardenex and Decorex. We enjoy creative design exposure to international trends too and last year, our consultants attended garden design shows in Melbourne Australia and Dubai in the UAE.
Where We Work
While our garden landscape service is predominantly focussed in and around Johannesburg and Gauteng Province, recent landscape projects have taken teams across South Africa to Middelburg, Secunda, Louis Trichard and Cape Town, as well as across Southern African borders into Nigeria, Zambia, Angola, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Equatorial Guinea.
Feel free to download any of our articles, in PDF format, mentioned below:

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Design Philosophy
Gardens…where does one begin? Intensely personal! Yes, each garden is intensely personal and at Abacus Gardens our extraordinarily talented designers, work their garden magic to connect a client's needs and our passion. We take time to get to know our clients, to get "into their heads", in order to cater for their every need. Our endeavour is to develop an integrated garden landscape concept that you the client absolutely loves. Each garden is individually designed……a one-of-a-kind work of art! Much time and attention to detail is spent in designing distinctly breathtaking gardens and clients are encouraged to see their gardens as not only a hobby but an art form too. As we design gardens, we want to create an experience that will not only meet, but exceed your desires, hopes and expectations.

In keeping with Abacus Gardens' tradition, each garden is an exquisite masterpiece, an expression of excellence, combining simplicity, functionality and superb beauty. In our pursuit of perfection, our designs achieve harmony between the garden and architecture, seamlessly combining indoor and outdoor spaces. A great garden must contribute well to everyday life and it's through this exquisite fusion that your garden is immortalised. After nearly 20 years, Abacus Gardens has now become synonymous with intelligent and sophisticated garden designs, with a passion for exploring new garden landscape ideas. The versatility of our distinctive designs is a function of our love for life and the enormous beauty it holds. As masters in garden design, we understand that discerning clients want exclusive gardens that no one else has. Thus with deep care and attention to finer detail, we thrust ourselves into the exploration process and thinking that goes into designing truly remarkable gardens.

At Abacus Gardens you may find us obsessive about gardens, but essentially, we design gardens to give you pleasure…to inspire you…and to instil a sense of pride in your home……it's the unmistakable Abacus Gardens touch.

We have a garden tradition of quality and exclusivity and it's that tradition that has become the Abacus Gardens signature….a garden without compromise!
Green Environmentalism
Terms like 'indigenous' and 'organic' are becoming a priority for many of our clients. More and more people are beginning to understand the urgency of protecting and preserving our natural resources. We strongly believe in the importance of biodiversity and the conservation of our natural ecosystem.

That's why we encourage garden landscaping that is environmentally responsible and water-wise. In line with environmental sustainability, all our garden waste products are collected during our installations and recycled as compost. We are in the process of switching to using exclusively organic compost and fertiliser in our nursery. Did you know if Abacus Gardens installs a weather station as part of your irrigation system, it can save up to 40% on your water usage per annum? Did you know that if you use an Abacus Gardens maintenance team to maintain your garden either on a weekly or fortnightly basis, it would be one step closer to greening your home life style, because maintaining and preserving our environment is a primary anti-pollution and waste greening initiative.

Our social responsibility projects have contributed strongly towards our green agenda and spring day saw Abacus donating trees that were planted at the following schools:
  • Nansindlela Secondary School
  • Vukani Secondary School
  • Mpumelelo Secondary School
  • Khayalethu Primary School
  • Moniwa Primary School
  • Buhlebemfundo Primary School
  • Nyabela Primary School
Although it's easy for a garden company to be very green we really hope that our endeavours contribute favourably to reducing the amount of environmentally damaging green house gasses.

Watch this space for Abacus's monthly.

Go Green Guide

The Landscape Irrigation Association of South Africa (LIA)

The Landscape Irrigation Association of South Africa (LIA) comprises a network of trained professionals in all aspects of the turf and residential irrigation industry. The body aims to provide a suitable guidelines and specifications to protect the end user and uphold the name of the industry.
Job Opportunities
At Abacus Gardens one of our strongest values is that of "team". In light of this we encourage innovation and creativity. We encourage self expression, opinion and input from all the members of the Abacus team. Career opportunities exist in the following areas: Graduate Programs

We are proud sponsors of five (5) landscape design bursaries at Tshwane University of Technology as of 2009.

How To Apply

Should you have any queries or would like to apply for a position at Abacus Gardens please submit a comprehensive three (3) page curriculum vitae to the Human Resources department.

Apply Now

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Famous Garden Quotes

In his garden every man may be his own artist without apology or explanation.  Each within his green enclosure is a creator,
- Louise Beebe Wilder

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.
- Mahatma Gandhi 

I have never had so many good ideas day after day as when I work in the garden.
- John Erskine

The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow.
- Author Unknown

Science, or para-science, tells us that geraniums bloom better if they are spoken to.  But a kind word every now and then is really quite enough.  Too much attention, like too much feeding, and weeding and hoeing, inhibits and embarrasses them.
- Victoria Glendinning

There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling. 
- Mirabel Osler

The best place to seek God is in a garden.  You can dig for him there. 
- George Bernard Shaw, The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God, 1932

 The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. 
- Hanna Rion

In my garden there is a large place for sentiment.  My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams.  The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful.
- Abram L. Urban 

Don't wear perfume in the garden - unless you want to be pollinated by bees. 
- Anne Raver

Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity. 
- Lindley Karstens,

I know that if odour were visible, as colour is, I'd see the summer garden in rainbow clouds.
- Robert Bridges, "Testament of Beauty

How fair is a garden amid the trials and passions of existence. 
- Benjamin Disraeli

Half the interest of a garden is the constant exercise of the imagination.
- Mrs. C.W. Earle, Pot-Pourri from a Surrey Garden, 1897 (Thanks, Jessica)

I think that if ever a mortal heard the voice of God it would be in a garden at the cool of the day.
- F. Frankfort Moore, A Garden of Peace

Gardens... should be like lovely, well-shaped girls:  all curves, secret corners, unexpected deviations, seductive surprises and then still more curves.
- H.E. Bates, A Love of Flowers

Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.
- Linda Solegato

All warranties are limited and subject to the suppliers warranty

ABACUS provides a 1 year warranty to the Client in respect of any pumps in line with the supplier's warranties.

All pots and prefabricated water features will enjoy a warrantee subject to the manufacturer's warrantee.

ABACUS provides a 2 year warranty to the Client in respect of plants, subject to ABACUS having installed a fully automated irrigation system and ABACUS being contracted to maintain the garden on a weekly basis.

Plant warranty excludes the following: plants which have been subject to neglect, acts of God, flooding, drought, frost, temperature, cold and hot, hail, power surges, lightning, landslides, water restrictions, blackouts and/or any other any other vis major.

ABACUS warrants all irrigation products supplied in the installation by them to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under a normal use for a period of 2 years. The guarantee is from original date of installation. This warranty does not extend to repairs, adjustments, or replacement of a product supplied that results from misuse, negligence, alteration, modification, or tampering of product.
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